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WATCH: 10 Reasons You KNOW You’re A Mainah!

All real Mainahs know what really brings us together! Words like “dooryard” and “wicked” are planted in our collective consciousness. We know you nevah, evah take Route 1 through downtown Ogunquit during tourist season.

And more than anything else, we know what the flatlanders DON’T know.

Live lobsters aren’t red. The ocean doesn’t freeze. Deer don’t turn into moose. LL Bean rarely closes. You get the picture!

Thanks to the fans of Maine Memes on Facebook, we put together a hilarious list of reasons why you KNOW you’re from Maine. Enjoy!

But just remember… nothing even comes close to goin’ shoppin’ at “The Ames’s!”


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Ryan Gavin
Ryan Gavin is the creator of Maine Memes & Wicked Funny TV. He's a life-long Mainah, and he's lived all over the state (yes... even the County!) Broadcasting every day from One City Center in Portland, You can hear Ryan on Maine's #1 Hit Music Station, WJBQ - Q97.9, Maine & New Hampshire's New Country Station WPKQ - 103.7 The Peak, and on other stations across the US! Want to get in touch? Contact Ryan here.