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Maine Memes, as you might expect, started out as a joke. One dark, snowy, icy, freezing night in February, Maine Memes was born in a dorm room at the University of Maine… a position we all hope to never actually find ourselves in.

For six long months, one lonely facebook page sat in the netherworld of the interwebs with barely two likes to rub together. In the early days, Maine Memes was a pretty lame party.

Then, one day, everything changed. Our good friend Evan G. from down Wiscasset sent us up a friggin’ hilarious meme about Ames’s (or “the Ames’s” as our parents used to call it).

The original viral Maine Meme! It's "The Ames's!"
The original viral Maine Meme! It’s “The Ames’s!”

Overnight, that one meme went viral, and ended up reaching over 2 million people. When we woke up the next morning and realized we were famous on the internet, we got our act together, and decided to ditch our hopes and dreams and settle for being internet clowns. Our Meme Team has been lampooning pretty much everything and everyone in Maine ever since – and our #WickedFunny audience keeps growing by the day.

“Maine Memes” uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, MaineMemes.com, and our video companion brand WickedFunny.tv to reach over 6 million unique users every month – many of them Mainers.

As long as there are crazy people living in the woods, crazy people teaching zumba classes, and crazy people being crazy in Augusta – we’ll be right here. Thanks for laughing with us!


About Ryan Gavin

Ryan Gavin
Ryan Gavin

Ryan Gavin is a lifelong Mainah! Born in Portland and raised in Biddeford, Ryan is the creative director for Maine Memes and Wicked Funny TV. Broadcasting every day from studios at One City Center in Portland, Ryan is the midday host on Maine’s #1 radio station, Q97.9, and the afternoon drive host on 103.7 The Peak. Since 2009, Ryan has worked at radio stations all over New England, and he currently produces on-air and digital content for 19 radio stations in Maine and New Hampshire in the Townsquare Network.

Ryan does live events too! Check availability and book Ryan for your event or wedding here.

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