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Out-Of-State Morons Hilariously Butcher This South Portland Tourism Video

The idiots over at "Hot News Traveling" just googled "South Portland Maine" and used a bunch of images to make this horrendously bad video. It's actually kinda funny!

View From the Front Seat of Funtown’s Excalibur Rollercoaster!

Have you ever ridden Maine's classic wooden rollercoaster at Funtown? Here's what it looks like!

These Out-Of-State Morons Made a Video About The ’10 Worst Cities...

Yeah, right. These people are full of crap!

Blogger ‘Mark in Maine’ Gives The Most Boring Tour of Bangor...

This guy drives across the Chamberlain Bridge into Bangor, and up Ohio St. to the Thomas Hill Standpipe, all the while providing some pretty mundane commentary about the Queen City.

British Comedian Takes a Funny Trip to Portland Head Light, Bar...

Marek Larwood is an English comedian and actor, and he's got a lot to say about Maine!

Maine Stereotypes: Do People Actually Ride Moose Up Here?

TheNightOwl on YouTube breaks down some stereotypes about people from Maine!

Mainers Sound Off: Stupid Things Flatlanders Say & Dumb Tourist Questions

Mainers call in to I-95 in Bangor to tell funny stories about stupid things tourists have said & asked over the years.

…..At Least He Admits It!

  See more wicked funny license plates here!

Tourist Goes Crazy When He Sees A Moose Running Down the...

This guy loses it when he sees a moose running down 95!

Watch Irish People Try Maine Lobster For the First Time!

Top o' the morning to ya! What the $&^# is this?