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Only in New England: T-Rex Snowblows in a Blizzid!

Rawwwrrr! Watch this Dino demolish the snow!

Frankie MacDonald Predicts Another Major Blizzard for Maine!

Our favorite Canadian weatherman is back (live from his own TV station in Sidney, Nova Scotia, of course), with a MASSIVE blizzid prediction for...

Snow Plow Driver Gets Harassed by Loser Kid & Slaps Him

This driver wasn't putting up with the kid's $#*% and slapped him silly. This happened in Ontario, which finally proves the fact that all Canadians aren't nice and apologetic.

Most Maine Video Evah: Watch a Bottle of Allen’s Get Buried...

Watch a bottle of Maine's favorite coffee brandy get buried by snow in a time-lapse video!

Frankie Forecasts the Blizzid of 2017!

Frankie is back for the storm of the year!

The ‘Flooded Cellar Band’ Sings About Wintah in Maine!

Hey Kids! It's the Flooded Cellah Band with anothah song about wintah!

Bob Marley Jokes About His Wife Stuck in a Snowbank

Maine's king of Comedy really nails what it's like to drive in the snow here in New England!

Happy New Year from the Hillbilly Weatherman!

Happy New Year! The Hillbilly is back with ya weathah forecast!

Bangor Police Officer Wipes Out on Slippery Ice!

Watch the Bangor Police Department's funny warning: Watch out for ice!