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You just know it, deah!

Educated in Bucksport

What you hear at the gas station!

Who Still Does This?!

Gotta tell 'em how to get thayah somehow! #WickedFunny

It’s Always Freaking WRONG

Nevah trust those friggin weathahmen!

Just Another Reason to Follow @MaineMemes on Twittah

...we know what makes Mainahs laugh!

Things You’ll See on a Maine Christmas Tree

We all know someone who needs THIS ornament!

Dashing Through the Snow! the Maine-lennium Falcon!

WE FOUND THE MOTHERLOAD! try describing the flavor to someone who's never had it!

EB White Had It Right!

Maine is the best place in the universe.

In Maine…We Have Lobstah Trees!

Another unique Maine holiday tradition!